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And Here’s The Pitch!

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As a partner, TruVideo makes it is easy for you to pitch your clients and land them as a new user of the video and texting platform. In fact, of the five steps in the process of landing and onboarding a new customer, your most important role is in the “ask”.
  1. Tease the concept (BG)
  2. Schedule the webinar (BG)
  3. Conduct the webinar (TruVideo)
  4. Close the deal (TruVideo)
  5. Install and train (TruVideo)
clayton kershaw
The TruVideo platform is all about building (and accelerating) trust in the relationship between the dealership/independent and the customer. As Joe Shaker says, “If people trust you, they just buy from you!” Our approach to closing new business is leveraging the trust that you have already established with your clients as a BG distributor or sales agent.
In networking, what’s the best way to be introduced to another person? It’s through a trusted source. In this, you are that trusted source. The customer thinks, well, my BG rep is from a reputable company, they sell top-of-the-line products at a fair price, I’ve known them for a while and they normally provide solid advice. OK I’ll listen to what they have to say.
In terms of which clients to target, focus on the dealers and independents out there who would like to:
  • Grow revenue
  • Improve their customer experience
  • Retain more customers
  • Improve shop efficiency
You can often use this as the hook to get them interested in video and texting. The TruVideo platform allows the service shop to make gains in all of these areas. So, when asked how to pitch the idea to customers, we most often go with the direct approach:
“We’ve recently partnered with a video and texting provider that has proven to grow revenue by 15-30% on your existing customer base. It also improves customer experience and retention by helping the customer ‘see and understand’ the results of the multi-point inspection. In a 30-minute webinar I’d like to have the people at TruVideo walk you through how it works and then go over some of the successes that dealers like you have seen.”
If they already have a video solution installed you can say:
“TruVideo is a proven video platform with features that compete with any video solution on the market. And through a partnership with BG, our distributor is co-oping up to 50% of the monthly fee to bring you a video and texting service that is often half or a third of the cost of other companies.”
As always, by going to you can see sample videos, but you can also schedule a webinar for the client. Remember, service departments with weak advisors, poor CSI, or low dollars per RO are ideal to get the pitch and learn more about TruVideo.