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Business Trust
December 3, 2019

The Importance of Trust in Business: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

TruVideo is focused on building trust between auto dealerships, their service centers, and their customers, but when it comes to trust in business, every industry has its own unique considerations. No matter what your industry entails, here are five things you need to keep in…
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November 26, 2019

Should You Create Personalized Automobile Tours for Interested Long-Distance Consumers?

Most auto dealerships focus their marketing efforts locally. After all, there are auto dealerships in just about every community, so it only makes sense to spend your marketing dollars where they are most likely to make a difference – right? This all depends on your…
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November 19, 2019

5 Tips to Ensure Your Condition Report is Accurate and Complete

Condition reporting is critical to ensuring your customers get their vehicles back in the same condition in which they entrust them to you, and it’s also important for ensuring that your loaner cars are cared for when they are in the hands of your customers.…
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Dealership Loyalty
October 17, 2019

How Dealerships are Maximizing Mobile Technology to Increase Customer Loyalty

You can’t keep your auto dealership running without revenue, and you can’t generate revenue if you don’t have customers. In order to have customers, you need to reach out to them in all the right ways – and in today’s world, that means via the…
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car video tour
October 7, 2019

5 Tips for Providing a Visual Tour of an Automobile via Video

Not very long ago, the only way a consumer could see a vehicle he or she was thinking about purchasing was by visiting the dealership and talking with a salesperson who could answer questions face-to-face. Now, thanks to the internet and innovations like TruVideo, video…
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used car industry
September 30, 2019

Breaking the Stigma: Building a Reputation of Trust in the Used Car Industry

The used car industry across the United States is thriving. In 2018 alone, more than 40 million used cars were sold across the country compared to just over 17 million new cars. Unfortunately, the “used car salesman” stigma still exists, but there are a few…
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Communicating via Text Message
September 24, 2019

Worried about Miscommunication? Try Communicating via Text Message Instead

The car sales and repair industry is one that is known for its frequent miscommunications and misunderstandings. “I was told this car would get X miles to the gallon,” or, “This repair was only supposed to cost $50, so why is it triple now?” are…
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September 23, 2019

A Guide to Explaining 5 of the Most Common Auto Repairs to Your Customers

By now, you’ve probably already been convinced that utilizing video through the TruVideo platform is a great way to help your customers better understand the repairs they need, and you’re aware that video communication benefits both you and the customer. Even with video, you will…
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Auto Industry Trust
September 20, 2019

Seeing is Believing: Building Consumers’ Trust in the Auto Industry

From automobile manufacturers to dealers and even service providers, trust is sorely lacking across the automobile industry. Fortunately, the rise of social media has helped consumers realize that they deserve transparency when it comes to the products and services they buy. These days, seeing truly…
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August 28, 2019

5 Tips for Retaining Service Customers with Technology

Customer retention in the auto service industry can be tricky, especially since the industry is so very competitive. However, various types of technology have been shown to help increase customer retention while boosting service departments’ ROIs and revenue at the same time. Here are some…
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