Simple. Streamlined. Powerful.

TruVideo Pro is an all-in-one customer communications and commerce tool that makes managing your business a breeze.

All-in-one communications and commerce

We know that small businesses have big dreams. But the way we do business has changed. Customers today expect rapid communication and digital service, no matter the size of your business. Trying to manage multiple systems to compete with the big guys can be a total nightmare.

TruVideo Pro is the powerful mobile app that empowers small businesses, contractors, and sole proprietors to bring customer communications and commerce transactions into the digital age. 

  • Text with your customers – without giving out your personal number. 
  • Back up your work with high-quality video. 
  • Track customers and leads. 
  • Save time quoting and invoicing from anywhere.
  • Get paid faster.

All through a single app.

Talk to your customers the way they talk to everyone else: text.

Texting with prospects or customers used to mean giving out your personal cell phone number. Not anymore. TruVideo Pro is a dedicated phone line for your business that’s capable of text, video, and voicemail. Get your business moving at the speed of text and say goodbye to phone tag forever.

Build trust with high-quality video.

Seeing is believing, right? Show your customers what you’re all about with customized videos sent straight to their smartphones. Transparency builds trust. And trust keeps your customers coming back.

Commerce at a click.

Using multiple systems for quotes, invoicing, and taking payments? Replace them with a single mobile-enabled app and get business done anywhere. Your customers receive a simple link via text message and click-through to all their important docs – and a mobile payment portal, getting you paid faster than ever.

TruVideo Pro Features

Seeing is believing.

Customers trust what they can see for themselves. Build customer trust in your business through powerful, high quality video delivered via text message right to a smartphone.

With TruVideo Pro, you don’t have to make your customers just take your word for it. Utilize high-quality video to back up quotes and recommendations or even show off your results. Recording and sending videos in the TruVideo Pro app couldn’t be easier. It’s a snap on the customer side, too: a link arrives via text and your customers simply click to review.

Customers trust the transparency and clarity of video. And those satisfied customers? They keep coming back. 

Send quotes from anywhere.

Sending timely quotes and estimates to prospective customers is an essential part of doing business. TruVideo Pro makes it easy to send quotes from anywhere you take your mobile device. With integrated contact lists and messaging capabilities, you can get your quote out the door without ever leaving the app.

Your customers receive a simple link in a text message and click-through to check out their quote. They can review and accept right on their smartphone  – getting you the job faster.

Invoicing made simple.

The days of paper invoices are long gone. TruVideo Pro lets you create, send, and track invoices digitally through a single app on your mobile device. Invoicing has never been so stress-free.

Customers love the simplicity and ease of mobile billing: no more sifting through the mail for bills or fishing around for a checkbook when it’s time to pay. Customers get a link via text and simply click to review. How easy is that?

Faster payments? Yes, please.

For a small business, time spent chasing customers for payment is time you could be spending building your business. Receive mobile payments through TruVideo Pro and cut down on time spent waiting to be paid.

A link via text message whisks your customers straight to the payment portal. No login required. No digging around for a checkbook.

TruVideo Pro’s built-in mobile payment options make collection easy and affordable. Saving time and money? Now you’re in business.

Benefits By Industry

Seeing is believing.

Customers often struggle to believe what they can’t see for themselves, especially when it comes to a specialized service like automotive repair. Give them a glimpse under the hood and engage them in the service process with TruVideo Pro’s robust suite of tools, including high-quality video.

With TruVideo Pro, record videos to back up your quotes and service recommendations. Send them to your customers’ smartphones. They receive a link in a text message and click to review. The process is simple, but the results are huge: enhanced transparency gives customers a deeper understanding of their vehicle and builds their trust in your business.

Manage your real estate business wherever it takes you with TruVideo Pro.

A dedicated, in-app  VOIP business line lets you call and text message potential home buyers from anywhere – without giving out your personal cell number. Organize your contacts in the app and stay on top of leads, while keeping your business and personal life separate. TruVideo Pro’s texting platform offers powerful automated messaging tools to keep you top of mind for prospective clients.

TruVideo Pro’s powerful video tools are the perfect way to showcase details that make a property truly special, or offer video walkthroughs while your clients stay #saferathome. Potential buyers easily access video content through a link sent via text message. Give all your interactions the personal touch with TruVideo Pro.

Engage your clients with high-quality video

When you’re a contractor, your “office” for the day could be the job site or even your truck. TruVideo Pro is the business app that goes everywhere you go. TruVideo Pro empowers you to send quotes or invoices right from your mobile device and get paid before you even get back to the office. No more handwritten paperwork or chasing down customers for payment. Mobile payment options simplify the payment process, getting you paid faster.

Conversations with homeowners and clients used to mean phone tag and missed connections. TruVideo Pro’s robust texting platform speeds communication with your customers, making your business more efficient and boosting customer satisfaction.

TruVideo Pro Engage your clients with high-quality video that documents your work. Plumbers, roofers, landscapers, electricians: no matter your line of work, TruVideo Pro is the small business app that works for you.

TruVideo Pro is for the dogs...and cats, and birds, too.

These days pets are part of the family. Whether you’re grooming, walking, boarding, or running a veterinary practice, TruVideo Pro gives your small businesses the tools you need to build customer trust.

The transparency and clarity of video assures pet parents that their furry friends are in the best of hands. Easily record video in the TruVideo Pro app and send it straight to your customer. A simple link in a text message delivers a high-quality video–and peace of mind.

TruVideo Pro’s Integrated CRM tools and unified contact management give your small business the upper hand (or paw). A dedicated business line with texting capabilities lets you stay in touch while you’re away from your desk. You can even send invoices remotely between clients, and mobile payment cuts down the hours spent chasing your customers to collect. With all that extra time, who knows, you might even sneak in a cat nap.

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