Why Take Videos? infographic

Video is becoming the major channel to target customers throughout every industry, why would the auto industry be any different? Actually, with purchasing a vehicle being such a big financial decision, video is even MORE important than in regular commerce. When a dealership uses video, they can highlight all the key features of a vehicle, recommend and explain real repairs, or excite a customer as their car is being delivered. Still don’t believe that video is valuable for your dealership? Here are some stats to help change your mind.




To start, 96% of online shoppers find that video is helpful when making their purchasing decision, and a whopping 73% of shoppers are more likely to purchase after watching a video. Customers are willing to pay for what they can see and understand.

Much of a service department’s selling process relies on the customer trusting the service advisor to recommend the correct repairs. This trust isn’t always automatic as many customers prefer their local mechanic to work on their vehicle. Well if that service advisor used video, 58% of customers would find that department more trustworthy.




Having a service advisor call a customer to explain the required maintenance may not be the best practice. 92.6% of customers say visuals are the top influential factor when making a purchasing decision. Seeing is believing; so next time record a video to convert that potential repair into scheduled maintenance.

Struggling to compete against local dealers to bring in more appointments for car sales? 93% of shoppers find video helpful for comparison shopping. Prove that you put the customer first and you are on the pulse of all the latest industry trends by recording customized video for internet inquiries. 93% of customers also enjoy using videos for instructional purposes after purchase. This is a great way to remind the customer of the key features in their new car.




Not convinced video is the way of the future? Or maybe sending these videos to customer phones isn’t the best idea? As of 2014 38% of all video viewing was done on a mobile device, this number is projected to grow by 14x by 2018. This is all the more reason to master video now to stay ahead of the competition.

All GetTransparency new car videos are branded and prepped to be shared on major social media outlets. Every minute, 323 days’ worth of videos are viewed on Facebook. Shouldn’t your customer’s new car take up some of that time?

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